Kathryne Isabelle Easton

Writer, Director, Producer, and STAH!

When Kathryne is not chewing scenery and mugging for the camera, she can be found being married to - you guessed it- a cinematographer, and using WebMD to calculate when she will die. She's a super fun lady with two spoiled cats who are her best friends, Calvin and Scout, and she is absolutely god awful at writing bios unless she has been drinking heavily, so... cheers! 


She could tell you about her early start as a Soprano at the Syracuse Opera, or how she won best actress at the Shakespeare Competition in 11th and 12th grade... because, duh, that matters. Her "out damn spot" monologue was taken from the school of Liza Minelli acting technique, and has pretty much set the tone for her whole career: BIGGER IS BETTER. 


After attending The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and doing lots of one act plays at TSI in NYC, she tired of doing the cockroach dance while trying to keep the mice out of her hair at night (it's not a nest, you guys). So, Kathryne moved to LA to make movies. Because, there aren't cockroaches in LA, amiright?! 

Quickly realizing that unless she wanted to play "sad woman with diahrrea/a muffin top/adult acne forever, she was going to have to start developing her own material. She started small- writing and directing only scenes for acting classes at first, and then eventually writing and shooting short films that took her to the American International Film Festival for "Sketch," where she took home best female director and best drama. After getting into a dozen film festivals for her dramatic short "Happy Birthday, Ray!", (including NYLA, Monarch, LAWIFF, and WIFF) Kathryne took a year to write a feature film version loosely based on her original short. The feature script became a quarter finalist for the Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship, a semifinalist for Screencraft, a semifinalist for the Bluecat Screenplay Competition, and winner of Honorable Mention at the the Westfield Screenwriting Awards.


"Happy Birthday, Ray!" is an intimate character driven drama, can be found on the Blacklist website, and should be made into a film immediately. (Call me! I'm unemployed most of the time, so I have lots of time to take calls/ schmooze/ embellish my talents!) Shameless logline plug: Winter 1988: Frankie turns to alcohol as her actor husband, Percy, turns to God after losing his leg in a car accident. When an ill former college friend, Ray, asks them to assist his suicide in the mountains upstate, their lives are disrupted as old romantic rivalries and deep seated lies unfurl.

Kathryne won the Richmond International Film Festival's short film production grant for writing "Sleep to Dream" in 2014. In addition to shooting "It's FOOD with Vanessa Charbonne," Kathryne is writing several scripts and plans on shooting a feature at the end of 2016/ early 2017. 

"I picked the wrong week to quit sniffin' glue." 

"Happy Birthday, Ray!" Short Film Trailer