Amy Albert is a writer comedian lady person. She's made lots of comedy stuff, like 2015 LA Webfest Winner for Outstanding Comedy Series "Assistance", and was named Writer of the Year 2015 for The Buzzkill Magazine. She also made her daughter Bo, who is at 9 months already naturally more funny than her mom, and takes a flawless selfie. Check out Amy's stuff at, and follow her on Instagram at babiesrockingwigs AND CasualFabulous for one of a kind statement jewelry!


Drew Hampton decided to become an actor when he was five, playing with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and realizing Raphael needed motivation.  Since then, he has educated himself through plays in high school and college at the University of North Alabama as well as several community theatre productions.  Upon moving to Los Angeles, Drew has appeared in several student films as well as web series and short films, including one he produced himself, called "Shifting."  He can currently be seen in a short film, "Drowned," which is making its rounds in the festival circuit and is working on an upcoming feature parody documentary.  He also loves LEGOs, and still searches for their motivation...though he totally doesn't still play with them.  Find him on IMDb!


Tina is ecstatic to be working with former classmate Miss Kathryne Isabelle Easton! Based in New York City, Tina works as a plus model (True Model Management), screenwriter (Mattioli Productions), she has toured the country as an LGBT advocate, recorded with girl groups The Glamazons, The Glamz, and ROGUE, and has performed Off-Broadway and toured nationally with various productions. Currently, Tina and her husband are expecting their first child and you can catch all the details in her blog "Motherf*cked: She's A Bad Mama Jama"

Marty/Director of Photography

 Matt Fore is an award-winning cinematographer who started making movies at the age of eight with his family's Sony Handycam video camera with the hopes of making his own feature films in the future.​ After screening his later high school films at countless festivals across the nation, Matt found his niche more in the visual language of film, and thus began his studies of cinematography at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.​ Matt believes story and mood are the top priorities when making visual decisions, not just aesthetics, and as such, he possesses an extremely keen grasp of both the artistic and technical side of digital and celluloid filmmaking and makes it a habit of weaving the two together into every frame he composes.​ Matt lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, Kathryne. Not an actor, Matt agreed to play Marty in this show at the promise of creme brulee, which he has yet to receive. *cough* 


Mark Hampton is a writer and director from Atlanta, Georgia.  Growing up as a kid, when most children were out playing in the backyard, pretending they were Superman, or Spider-man, or G.I.Joe, Mark was pretending he was making those movies.  This grew into a love for writing and a fascination with screenwriting and filmmaking.  Mark now resides in Los Angeles, where he makes a living ghost writing novels for various authors as well as working as a freelance comedy director.  His hobbies and interests include cooking, baking, swimming, his pet cat Eliza (seriously the cutest animal you've ever seen in your life) and Legos.


Ryan owns and operates New Rule Productions and New Rule FX, a practical special effects shop specializing in breakaway bottles. Founded in 1991, NRP has produced hundreds of production projects spanning all types of media, genres and industries.   Television commercials, national television series, motion pictures, informational videos, documentaries, industrial videos, promotional programs, music videos, online media and still photography are just some of the projects that our company can provide. NRP is an accomplished and acclaimed company that has earned over 20 awards for it's programming and production projects.

We are an experienced, fun and creative team committed to exceeding your expectations for quality and creativity. Explore the services NRP offers and let us make your visions visual.

Veronica Veronique

Aly Trasher hails from Ye ole' Massachusetts. She is a huge fan of bacon, musical theatre, and Bloodline. Aly has been fortunate to work with Rob Reiner on his Dad's musical "Enter Laughing" along with Tony Winning Director Diane Paulus at The American Repertory theatre in Boston. She hopes to travel more  and inspire characters like Vanessa Charbonne to seize the day,  and see the world!

See Aly in action being hilarious here and here!